Can We Remember Our Past Lives & Who Were You in a Past Life?

Can We Remember Our Past Lives?

Yes Certainly, BUT before diving into that sphere Do We even know our Present life properly ?

We don’t ! We don’t even remember our present life, Past Life is then far far away. If I ask you What You did on the First Wednesday of Last Month, Can You remember that ?

Can You tell exactly What You did the entire Day on that particular Day ?

You just cannot.

Forget about Last Month, If I ask You What You did the whole day on Wednesday of just this Past Week Can You remember that ? I doubt If You even remember that. So You see We don’t even remember what We did just last Week, Past Life is then far far away.

Nevertheless Certainly We can remember our Past Lives because Once a Perception has taken place, Whether it is a Perception of a Physical Thing in a Physical World, Or a Perception of a Thought in a Mental (Subtle) World, It gets captured in Consciousness as an “Impression”, You can call it “Memory” too, And this Impression or Memory cannot be Erased by any means. It gets saved there Permanently. It is never destroyed.

So, Now the Question arises Why do we not even remember Events of this Life properly ?

Well for this We will have to dive deeper into Spiritual Plane

You see, Call it God or Nature or Universe itself, It has purposely made it this way, Imagine If you could remember each and every moment of what you did in each day of Last Month ? What would happen ? You would EXPLODE ! Yes ! You would go Mentally mad, Mentally Unstable ! 

Forget about last month, If You could remember Each and Every Moment from Morning to Night of just Last Day, You wouldn’t survive a Second !! You would die !

It is all Nature’s arrangement that it has made it this way, It limits your Mind to keep only a certain amount of memories on a conscious plane, A certain amount of distress that your mind can sustain. And We should be thankful for this, If there was no safeguard like this Then You wouldn’t be alive to read this and i wouldn’t be to write anything here. ( Let’s appreciate Nature for this )

Now We know Why We can’t remember even Present Life completely, So now coming back to the Subject – How can We remember Our Past Lives ?

Well if you were paying proper attention I used the word “Conscious Plane” above, What it means ? It means that part of Mind where only Those Memories which are useful to you are stored. Everything that is Useless gets stored in the “Unconscious” part of Mind. Whatever happens everyday around you If it is not worth being memorized then It gets stored in that Unconscious Plane of Mind by itself without any interference from You. It all happens by itself, You don’t do it as a deliberate act.

Suppose I ask You what You ate on Wednesday of Last Month, You will definitely say I don’t remember it ! What is the need ? How does it matter What We ate on this or that Day ?!! It is all useless.

But now suppose if on the same Wednesday You had gone through either an Extremely Joyful or some Terrible Experience, You know what would happen ? You would remember each and every moment of that particular experience ! You would even remember what You were doing before that event took place and what You did after that event took place.

Think about it, think about some specific useful event that has happened in your life, Even if it is a 5 Years Old Experience You will still remember it for the rest of your life ! Think about your First Date, Your Marriage Or just any kind of Special Event that has taken place, YOU WILL REMEMBER IT !

And the reason is, That Particular Event penetrated such a deeper part of Your Being, It was so important that You just cannot forget it even if you try to ! The very trying will bring that Experience into the center of your Conscious Mind making the experience even more vivid.

One point to be understood here is “Important” doesn’t mean It was something useful to you, Suppose You saw someone’s Pet Dog getting hit by a Truck, You will remember it ! Not because it was important but because It left such a deep traumatic impression on you that It became a part of Your Conscious Mind. You will not forget it !

So I hope You understood the distinction between Conscious and Unconscious and How they function. I will try to write more on these aspects of Mind and clear any doubt that might be arising inside you.

Now We know about Conscious and Unconscious, And It’s pretty clear from this that Not only our Past Life Memories But Memories of even this Life (That We cannot remember) are stored in UNCONSCIOUS Part of our Mind.

So from Here, Only One Question arises – How can We access our Unconscious Mind and bring each and every Experience We have gone through either in this Life or in any number of Past Lives into the Conscious Sphere And see everything as vividly as in a dream, Or As if it is happening right now ?

Here starts the Real Spiritual Part, Although Diving into the Unconscious Plane can be a Tragic or Dangerous experience, It must be done through a specific Meditation Method. The Mind must attain a State of Tranquility – A Zero Thought State. Only from there can We dive into it’s Unconscious Plane.

I will soon tell you about that One Meditation Method and many more Methods that are extremely Sacred and only Illumined Sages know about them.

I will update this Post with those methods very soon. I am myself testing these methods on my Students and will write about one or two methods that work on most of them. 

This Post will be updated.


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