Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves are full of Antioxidants Read this Article to know more about Health Benefits of Cloves

These compounds help your body to fight free radicals, which damage your cells and can lead to disease.

In addition to adding a touch of spice to our meals, cloves have multiple health benefits. Know what they are and add them to your dishes.

The cloves are a spice used to flavor stews or add an aromatic touch to your baked preparations.
In addition to adding a very particular flavor to your meals , cloves have properties that favor your health .

Learn About the Clove Spice Benefits

Clove Spice Benefits

Benefits of adding cloves to your Diet

Cloves protect you against cancer.

A study published in 2013 showed that clove extract stops the growth of tumors and promotes the death of cancer cells. On the other hand, a test tube investigation concluded that clove oil causes cell death in 80 percent of the cells that cause esophageal cancer.
Similarly, the cloves contain a chemical called eugenol, which has properties antioxidant and anticancer. This component has also shown benefits against cervical cancer.

However, both lab tests were performed with very concentrated amounts of this ingredient. Excessive consumption of cloves or their derivatives is not recommended, as they could cause liver damage.

Kill Bacteria

The cloves also have properties antibacterial. A study published by the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology explains that clove essential oil prevents the growth of bacteria such as E. coli, a microorganism that causes food poisoning.
Due to its effectiveness against bacteria, this ingredient is used in oral health treatments. Its components reduce the appearance of gum disease, as well as a lower presence of bacterial plaque in the mouth, according to the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology.

Improve Liver Health

The eugenol present in cloves improves liver functions and reduces inflammation of the liver, indicates a publication of the Journal of Medicinal Food.
Additionally, the Journal of Cancer Prevention reports on the regenerative effects of cloves . The specialized media says that this spice reverses the signs of liver cirrhosis and helps the healing of this organ.

Regulates Sugar Levels

In addition to a balanced diet , cloves may help control blood sugar levels.
According to the Journal of Medicinal Food, cloves increase the absorption of sugar in the blood and improve the function of insulin-producing cells, thus promoting the secretion of this hormone.

Reduces Stomach Ulcers

Healthline posted that peptic ulcers are caused by a lack of a protective lining in the stomach. In turn, this is caused by stressful situations, infections or genetics.
A natural remedy for this condition is cloves . A research conducted in 2011 showed that this spice increases the production of gastric mucosa.

This substance is responsible for protecting the stomach and preventing the appearance of painful sores caused by digestive acids.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it fights indigestion and relieves diarrhea.

  1. It prevents blood clotting and stimulates good circulation.
  2. Its eugenol helps to have good cardiovascular health.
  3. Fight nausea and dizziness.
  4. It works as a natural pain reliever, reduces toothaches.
  5. Its flavonoids help lower blood sugar levels.
  6. It is good for treating respiratory diseases, it works as an expectorant that helps expel phlegm.
  7. Helps treat throat irritation.
  8. If used as an essential oil, it helps to relax.


The most common is to use it as a fragrance herb for your recipes, but you can also prepare a clove tea.

  • Boil a cup of water, add 3 cloves.
  • Let stand 10 minutes.
  • Serve and sweeten with the juice of 1 lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • EYE! Like any ingredient, cloves may have some contraindications, especially in excess, before consuming it it is better to consult your specialist.

Remember to implement this ingredient in your diet in a balanced way. Do not abuse its consumption. In case of doubts, consult a specialist.

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