Is Death an Illusion ?

Yes, But before We talk about Death, Does Man even know What Life is ?

Man does not even know what life is. And Since We do not know life itself, there is no possibility of knowing death either. If life itself is unfamiliar and unknown, death cannot be familiar and known. The truth is Since We do not know life itself, only death seems to happen. For those who know life, death is an impossible word, which never happened, nor happens, nor can happen. Some Words in this World are absolutely false, Nothing is true in those words. And Death is also one of those Words.

Let’s understand the root of this confusion i.e. Birth of the Body :

If I ask You When you were born, You will probably give Me your Date of Birth recorded by others (Your Parents etc). But I want to know What is your Personal Experience ? Your own direct experience ? Don’t talk about others and what they told you about your birth. Talk from your personal direct experience, Were You present there during your birth ? Did you have any idea about your existence at all ? A Child doesn’t know that It exists until reaching the Age of 3-4. Only Then It feels the Sense of Presence, The sense of “Being Alive”, The “I AM” (Consciousness) and recognizes its Mother – Father. And according to THEIR concepts, knows what It is and lives its Life as per those concepts, as a Man or Woman with such and such name and such and such Personality.

So it’s clear from this that What You call as “My Body” and “My Birth”, are actually your Self-Imposed Delusions only. You never had any experience of Birth. A Body was born but calling that Body as “My Body” was Your fall from a Godly Vantage Point. This must be understood carefully, A Body was born But YOU were not there, there was No feeling of “I” in it upto the age of 3, Only after 3-4 Years this feeling “I” or “I AM” appeared. What was the cause ? This is the mystery that needs to be unveiled, This is the secret of Liberation / Enlightenment. Once the source of “IAM” is sought, YOU ARE FREE. Free from all Illusions of Birth and Death, Free from all Self-Imposed Limitations. That is the beginning of Real Life, Real Eternal Life, The Absolute Immortality.

I will tell about an Incident When I first met my Master, An Enlightened Sage during my Journey to Himalayas, I was a Kindergarten Kid in Spirituality living in delusions and self-created limitations with Zero idea of any Higher Life . When I first saw him, There was a group of 7 People around him, They were his Disciples. When He saw Me, He said “Why have you come, What You want to know ?”, These were his exact words. I replied “I want to know about Birth and Death”. And He started laughing, laughing so loud and for 1 minute straight. And I was thinking “Is this Guy Mad or what ?”. And Guess what ? He read my thoughts! and replied “Mad ? Not Me, But You certainly, How can I tell about Birth ? I never had any experience of Birth, And Death ? I never had any experience of that either, I have only heard about Birth and Death from others, But have neither met one who has actually experienced them and nor I have experienced them personally. I am life, I can speak and tell about life, if you want to know about life, then definitely ask, I do not know about Birth and Death, Both are Illusions.”

These few words left me in a state of Blow, They were like a Revelation to Me, My New Spiritual Birth happened then and there. And suddenly from the periphery of my Consciousness emerged another question, I asked him “Can there be Life without Birth ?”, and He laughed again, but this time in a subtle way. And with a glimmering smile on his face He asked “Is there any feeling of ‘I AM’ in your Deep Sleep ? Any sense of Presence ? Any feeling of being Alive ?”, I replied “No, certainly there is no feeling of any kind in that State”, He said “Does that mean You do not exist during that State ?”, I replied “Cannot be so, I must be there, Otherwise I would not wake up the next morning, I am present there but without the feeling ‘I AM’ “, He said “That’s it, You are that Eternal Principal which exists even without the message ‘I AM’, You exist even when there is no sense of presence or feeling of being alive”.

When he concluded his words, I bowed down at his feets and asked If He can tell any Meditation Technique through which We can understand the mystery of this “I AM”. He asked Me to come at five o’clock along with his other Disciples.

When We reached him at five o’clock, He told us about 4 great Meditation Methods We can use to find out the source of “I AM” (Consciousness), I will soon vouchsafe those Methods to all the serious Spiritual Seekers of the World to help them diminish their Self-Imposed Limitations and awake them to their Real nature, The Eternal Nature.

Glory to those Who realize their True Being and help other deluded Souls to rise above the illusions of Birth and Death and attain Immortality.

Thank You.


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