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Sunlight : What Are the Benefits of Sunlight?

Those who stay with the Sun will see no Darkness.

Sun is the Source of Life, The Giver of Life, Without Sun – Nothing is.

People try to avoid the Sun as much as they can, They put Sunscreen, not Sunscreen alone But with SPF Formula, They wear Hats. Even 5 minutes under the Sun looks too much to them, They cannot bear it at all. They act like If they remain under the Sun for 5 minutes, they will lose their Fairness, their beauty. But little do they know that the Sun is an essential factor for the Immunity of the Body.

Sunlight is essential for the Vitality of the Body, It keeps the Bones, Muscles, and overall Body Healthy. Sun is the direct source for Vitamin D which helps in managing the Calcium and Phosphate levels in the Body.

Here I am not asking you to sit under the sun all day. No, that can lead to quite Opposite results such as Skin Cancer and Sunburn.

Instead, You are supposed to take just 10 minutes of Sunbath every day and make sure that You do it in the early times after the Sun has Risen (7 AM – 9 AM) as most of the Sun’s UV Rays are reported to be received between 10 AM to 4 PM when the Sun’s Rays strike the Earth Directly, While in Early Morning or Late Afternoon, Much of the Sun’s rays go through the Higher Atmosphere. Hence much of UV radiation is assimilated substantially and less arrives on the Earth.

So just 10 minutes of Sunbath in the early morning after Sunrise will make remarkable changes in your life.

Just make sure that While Sunbathing, much of Your Body is exposed to the Sun, don’t cover the Body completely, What is the Benefit then? Or it will be better if you do it naked completely. After the Sunbath You will feel extremely refreshed, Like If you have just taken a bath in Heavenly Astral Lake.
Sunlight works mysteriously for improving your Mood too. Ever paid attention to the fact that When there is a Cloudy Weather, Dark Atmosphere, There remains an “Uneasy” feeling inside us, Something feels missing in our being, A little “Lethargy” surrounds us. Mind just doesn’t seem to work in a refreshed way in such Dark Cloudy Days.

And now think about a Clear Blue Open Sky, Big Bright Sun, Beautiful Sunshine everywhere, How ecstatic it feels!
Just by seeing a Clear Sky with bright Sun expanding its Sunlight throughout the Earth, Everything becomes Delightful. The brain becomes refreshed and a Natural Inspiration to do something Great surrounds us the entire time.

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And there is a scientific reason behind this, there is a hormone called the Serotonin, Science has called this Hormone a “Happy Hormone”, As it leads to the Boosting of Mood, It makes one feel “Good” naturally.

Although the Brain produces and regulates this Hormone by its own means, But guess what? We can manually induce the creation of this Hormone in the Brain by the means of Sunlight! Yes It is scientifically proven that exposure to sunlight can trigger the release of this Hormone, this happens by the means of Eye, The Sunlight, when exposed to Retina in the early morning, triggers the release of Serotonin. It is proven that people who spend less time under the Sun are more prone to Mental issues like Depression.

Hence Sunlight works for fighting with Depression too in a Mysterious Way.
Not just this, Sun Rays can also help in preventing many types of Cancer, People who Sunbath every day for at least 10 mins in the early morning ( Or People who are usually exposed to the sun every day) are less likely to get some specific types of cancer like Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer among many others than those who barely get out for some Sun.

But keep in mind that Too much of Sun can also cause Skin Cancer as Sun’s UV rays can damage DNA in your Skin’s Cells. So stay moderate with it.
Now coming to more of Sunlight Benefits, Sunlight helps in fighting with Skin Conditions as well.

A Moderate amount of Sunlight every day can help fight skin problems like Acne, Psoriasis, Itchy Skin, and several other Skin Problems.
Keeping aside all these Bodily Conditions and our “Individual” Problems,
Keep in Mind: Without Sun, No Life is Possible. All Planets revolve around the Sun for the simple reason that It is the Source of all Life.

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