Boost Your Immunity

We can boost our immunity by following some natural methods provided. We know the underlying concepts.

I shall give you 8 natural methods to improve your immunity naturally.

Before jumping into methods let’s first understand the concepts.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is body’s natural defence against viruses and bacteria. it is like an army within us which is at constant war against pathogens.
It is like immigration department with checks and validates whatever comes inside our bodies. It is not constant and varies with environment lifestyle and our food habits.
Continuous efforts are required to keep our immunity at maximum levels.

What are the threats?

Viruses or toxins enter into our respiratory tract if that happens our nasal mucosa tries to arrest that and throw it out.
Nasal mucosa is nothing but that sticky substance which is inside our nostrils.
If that fails the toxins can enter into our lungs and have more damage.
We can think of nasal mucosa as a first line of Defence. Viruses or toxins enter into a digestive tract – there is a skin between our cut and other body organs. It is called gut wall. It is very thin and has mucous layer inside to provide additional protection.
Toxins usually cannot cross this layer. If they manage to do so, they may enter into our bloodstream. Now we know the basic concepts around immunity.
Let’s jump into the methods we can adopt to improve our immunity to maximum levels.
It can be divided into two parts. The first one the methods related to our eating habits and the second one are the methods related to our lifestyles.

Eat Vitamin A and Vitamin C Rich Food

Eat food rich in Vitamin A and C.
Eat full fat dairy products it is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A strengthens our mucous layer that is first line of Defence of our bodies. It helps by straightening that first line of defence.
Consume plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables that will increase the level of vitamin C in your body.
It is not well known how Vitamin C helps in increasing immunity however it is is is believed that it helps in generating new immune cells.

Love the Dietary Fat

Vitamin A and Vitamin D take the centre stage when we talk about immunity both of these vitamins are fat-soluble if you take low fat then these vitamins are not absorbed by our bodies effectively. So we need to improve our consumption of fat so that these vitamins are absorbed well by our bodies and yes I don’t get afraid you will not get fat by eating fat in facts you will get slimmer.

Feed the Good Bacteria

Scientists estimate that the gut contents between 300 and 1000 different types of bacteria and the total number of bacteria in one person’s but could be anything between hundred and 1000 trillion that’s a lot of bacteria.

So what are they doing inside our digestive system?

The most common and important Bacteria is the lectobacillus species. Which lives in our small intestine when undigested carbohydrates enter the intestines Lactobacillus helps digest them otherwise they would be lost from the body and unused lactobacillus also helps digest sugar is found in dairy products when lactobacillus bacteria. Anaerobically respire they produce lactic acid as a waste product although lactic acid in our muscles hurt lactic acid in our cut is actually very useful because it keeps the pH of our gut acidic which means pathogen bacteria so bad bacteria cannot thrive this helps protect us from bacterial infections.
Consume fermented foods like buttermilk card sauerkraut and kaanji to help them and support their growth methods related to Lifestyle.

Increase Exposure to Sun

we know that vitamin D is very crucial forever immune health it acts as a modulator for immune system our immune system can not function well if our bodies are deficient of Vitamin D.

How we can improve?

That vitamin D in our body is naturally the best way to improve it, go in sun as sun is the major source of vitamin D try to spend 10 to 15 minutes in the morning or in the evening or both morning and in the evening. Try to expose maximum skin to the sun that will help you to have the optimum levels of vitamin D in your body.

Throw away that sunscreen yes you heard it right Sun screen is there major reason for vitamin D deficiency.

Avoid Frequent Eating

Reduce the Frequency of Bills
When we eat The Great Wall lose and a bit of to allow the nutrients to mix into our bloodstream however if we take several meals a day, The Great Wall opens up multiple times. Over a period it results into leaky gut it can allow the toxins and the partially digested food to enter into our bloodstream.
70% of our immune cells are guarding the Gut Wall it itself explain the need of strong gut wall it is only possible if we are not eating frequently.
Frequent eating keeps the body busy in digestion and not allowing the time to heal and repair. We need to give the break to digestion so that body can try to heal and repair itself.

Reduce stress

Stress also consumes or requires a lot of energy to deal with. In order to get energy reserved for heal and repair, we need to keep a stress at minimum levels. Have a good night sleep, body’s maximum heal and repair happens when we are asleep.

So good sleep helps in improving the immunity.

Say goodbye to to sedentary lifestyle immunity weakness as we age we know we cannot stop aging however we can delay it studies have shown that exercise delays the aging somove more to stay healthy and stay immune of diseases.

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