Computer Eye Strain Relief

The Expert Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief

There are many people who suffer from strain on their eyes due to constant contact with the computer and other electronic gadget screens. It is harmful to the eyes to be exposed to the screen at all times such as television, mobile phones, and most importantly computers.

It is vital to keep the eyes protected by following the expert tips for computer eye strain. Over 90% of the people look constantly at computer screens and keep harming their eyes as they don’t do anything to keep their eyes protected from the harmful rays.

Over a period of time these rays can be very harmful; for the eyes and it is important that measures must be taken to keep the eyes protected. People who work in offices cannot completely avoid exposure to computer screens but with some expert tips, they can surely safeguard their eyes.

The main symptoms that occur due to eye strain are dry eyes, headaches, and tired eyes. Also, the people who have been advised to wear glasses must wear them while working on the computer and make sure that the corrective glasses are according to the eyes after getting them tested.

The following are some expert tips for computer eye strain relief.


  1. Use Eye Drops

  • Eye drops are effective in keeping the eyes hydrating and the help in lubricating the eyes that helps to prevent dryness.
  • Also whenever a person feels that due to computer strain their eyes are getting dry then they must put in some eye drops to gets instant relief.
  • It is important to keep blinking and due to not bilking for a long time can also lead to dryness in the eyes.


  1. Keeping the Body Hydrated

  • Drinking water is beneficial for the body as well as the eyes.
  • It is advised that a person must drink 8 glasses of water on a daily basis which helps in keeping the eyes hydrated and avoids the straining of eyes.
  • It is also best to take short breaks from the computer screen while consuming water as it will give the eyes a break from screen time.


  1. Vitamins for the Eyes

  • A balanced diet that is full of nutrients, protein, and vitamins helps to keep the eyes healthy and they also help in keeping the stressful eyes away.
  • Foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E are the most beneficial for the eyes, and Omega-3 that is present in walnuts and almonds is also good for the eyes and it must be consumed daily.
  • It is just adding vitamins daily that help to keep the eyes healthy in the long run.


  1. Enough Sleep

  • If a person is not getting adequate sleep then the eyes will become more stressed and they will not be fully refreshed.
  • For healthy eyes sleep, deprivation will be the most harmful.

Therefore, it is best to take in the adequate amounts of sleep that help to replenish the body and eyes.

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