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The Benefits of Yoga

Out of all the Greatest Inventions in the World, This Ancient System called “Yoga” can be said to be the one of Highest Wisdom. Although always a part of the Culture in Eastern World, Yoga got its traction in the Western World only in the 20th Century. And ever since then, It is getting quite Prodigious Recognition every passing day.

What is Yoga after all?

As Per the Vedas (Where the word “Yoga” appeared for the first time), Yoga means “Union”. The Union of Individual Consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. Usually, it is translated as the Union of Soul with God.

Though We are well aware of the Health Benefits of Yoga, how Yoga keeps your Body in Tune and in a complete Harmony, Today We will talk about some lesser-known, or rather I should say completely Unknown and Unexpected Benefits of Yoga :

Morality and Ethics :

It might sound strange and surprising, But The One who practices Yoga every day becomes a Person of High Morals and Ethics. And the reason need not be surprising. When You Master Your Body, You master your Mind too! Because they are One! You are Body-Mind, You cannot be either just Body or just Mind, But both of them always! These both appear and disappear together. The Body cannot exist without Mind and the Mind cannot exist without Body. So in the right sense, It is called Body-Mind and not Body & Mind. Both these cannot be separated.

Hence When You Master your Body, You master your Mind too. It is obvious. When the Body becomes Clean, The Mind becomes Clean too. You must have noticed it sometimes, Before taking a Shower, You feel the Body-Mind filled with so many things, There feels a Burden in your entire Being, A feeling of Dizziness surrounds you.

But the moment you take a Warm refreshing Shower, All Wooziness Cease, Mind becomes Empty, You feel completely relaxed, not only from Bodily Level but from Mind level too. Everything feels in total Harmony because The Body and Mind are One, They are not separate.

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So Through Yoga, When You Master the Body, You master the Mind too. The Purity of the Body leads to the Purity of the Mind. When through Proper Breathing Exercises, as told in Yoga, you purify the Life Force, It removes all the impurities from both Body and Mind, Such a Person becomes of Nature like those of Gods.

Discipline : 

People who perform Yoga every day can be called as those of Highest of Wisdom. Whatever They do, They do it with full zest. They don’t make excuses. They wake up early and roar like a Tiger. Their entire life is completely disciplined. Once they take responsibility for something, They do it without turning back. They remain honest not only Physically with others, But within their thoughts too. They disport total righteousness. They remain committed to achieving their Goals, No matter how challenging the path may appear.

Contentment :

The best of all, They remain content with what they have. They don’t hanker after “What others have” or “What I don’t have”. They focus on What they have and how they can utilize it to enhance their and other’s lives. They don’t have an insatiable hunger for Objects. ‘Nothing in Surplus, Everything in moderation’ describes their Nature pretty well. The Desire to constantly consume resides in Total Abeyance in them.

Living in the Moment :

Once You have attained Contentment, This becomes Easy. The most obvious sign of the Eminence of the Yogis is that they ALWAYS remain in the Present. Their Body-Mind are completely in tune, Always together (That’s how they are actually supposed to be). What happens with other People is that They sit in one place but their minds are always wandering over some distant place. Their Minds always live in their own Dream Worlds, Their own Fairy Lands. Constantly thinking about some imaginary events. They barely live in the Present. They are either in the Future or in the Past, But never in the Present.

But This does not happen with those who practice yoga every day. They live with Full Awareness, Totally in the Present Moment. And the reason for that is Contentment. When a Mind becomes Content, It stops hankering over Objects, All excess Desires Drop. The Mind loses its Grip and becomes a No-Mind. This State of No-Mind leads one to Total Awareness.

Although the Benefits are Endless, These are some of the Unorthodox and Unexpected or Lesser-Known Benefits of Yoga. We will talk more about Yoga and its benefits on both of our Physical Body and Subtle Body on our Future Blogs. 

Until then, Keep an Eye here.


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