concentration and meditation

For thousands of years, There is a confusion that Concentration is Meditation. And this Fallacy has cost more than any other Fallacy.

Concentration Means :

Focusing the Mind on Something, Stopping the Mind on Something.
Focus on the light of the lamp, Focus it in the name of Christ or Krishna or Buddha, Focus it on a Statue, Focus on a symbol, on something, on an idea, on an assumption – this is an attempt to stop the mind on something.

And What happens when the mind is intensified to stop like this? What happens when the mind is forced to concentrate very hard, to concentrate?

It happens that when we forcefully try to stop the mind at one place, the mind first tries to escape from there. The nature of the mind is motion, dynamic. Mind is dynamic, it is dynamic – wants to go, wants to move, does not want to stay.
So if we try too intensely to stop the mind, First The Mind will try to escape. It will try hard to run
here and there. Then if we do not give up, if we keep trying, Then there will be only one way left for the mind to Escape, And that escape will be THROUGH SLEEP. Ever tried concentrating on a Form of God for more than 5 mins ? Try ! Close Eyes and focus on a form of God for few minutes.

The Mind will first try to Run, It will run over other things, It won’t let you concentrate that easily, But if you force it again and again, Then at last it will come under control, BUT with One condition, And that condition will be – IT WILL TRY PUTTING YOU TO SLEEP ! You will feel Extremely sleepy within 5 mins of that forced concentration !
This is how Hypnotists put you into Unconscious, They ask You to focus on a Crystal Ball or something, First Mind Retaliates, But after repeated attempts, It concentrates. But as I said, With One Condition – It puts you to Sleep. And this is How Hypnotists put you easily into Unconscious.
So Concentration actually means Dizziness, becoming Asleep.

Concentration – This does not lead Man to enlightenment. Meditation takes you to Enlightenment.

And now Meditation, Meditation means Total Consciousness, Total Awareness. Not fainting, No Sleep – Fully Conscious. The more You become aware within Yourself, The more Conscious, the more Alert you become – The more You know the direction of what is within You, the ability to know, the eligibility to know.
So much has to be awakened inside – Not even One Corner should remain unknown, unfamiliar. Even a particle of darkness should not remain inside, So much has to be awakened that everything becomes illuminated, Everything within should be filled with light, filled with consciousness. Each corner of your being should become familiar to yourself.

The day the Total Mind, The day the Whole Mind is known – Not just the Conscious Mind, Total, But The Unconscious too. That which is hidden, that Unconscious. The day the whole Mind is known, on that day the doors of all the mysteries of life open up. Everything becomes known, Nothing in the Universe remains unknown. We have to wake up to that whole mind.
And to know the whole mind, is called Meditation.

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