Mindfulness is the quality of being fully present and fully involved in everything we do at the moment.

Every day is a miracle and life can be very much rewarding if we treat every day as a miracle. The beauty of life begins as soon as we open our eyes to begin a new day which is a new beginning and it’s a miracle when we wake up as many don’t get this chance.

Being grateful for the little things in life changes our perspective and makes us realize how blessed we are. This is the state of mindfulness where a person is in a state of being aware of everything that is taking place around him/her.

There are many instances where a person becomes unaware of his/her surroundings and is lost in his world. But being mindful is being fully aware and living in the present moment that gives immense peace to a person as he/she is just living in the moment and not at all worried about the past or the future.

In today’s time, people are becoming increasingly aware of the concept of mindfulness and how it can radically affect the life of a person who practices it.  Mindfulness is the ultimate secret to happiness as being aware of the current situations makes us live more in the present and enjoy the moment that we are living.

Not just missing all the moments of daily life in being tensed about what will happen in the future or keep on analyzing past events.

2 Easy Ways to Practise Mindfulness

  1. Take in the Morning Bliss

  • Mornings are the ideal time to practice Mindfulness because some people just have rushed mornings in which they don’t have a second even for themselves to stop and just enjoy the beauty of a new day.


  • The start of the day must always be peaceful and calm as it has much impact on a person’s mind and life. Try skipping seeing your phone the first thing in the morning like checking social media or messages.


  • The mind in the morning must receive meditation and quiet time to practice mindfulness. In the morning, get up early and take some time for meditation and that will just change the whole day.


  • With the right start of the day, everything will fall into place throughout the day with less stress and anxiety.


  1. Happiness can be found in the Moment


  • People always think that they will find happiness if they eat a certain dish, wear their favourite clothes, or go on a vacation.


  • This perception is very wrong as happiness cannot come from the things that a person does, happiness is just there in the moment that a person is living therefore it can be found very easily.


  • It is such a big illusion that everything has to be perfect in order to be happy whereas happiness is there in the moment that is being lived.


  • People must start by practicing mindfulness in which they will come to the realization that the moment that they are living is more precious than ever.
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