Self Preparation

Self Preparation

Be ready for tomorrow by doing all that you can today setting your goals set a goal that will make you stretch for what it will make of you to achieve it.

What a brand new reason for setting goals? what an all-encompassing challenge to have a better vision of the future to see? what it will make of you to achieve it?

And here is why the greatest value in life is not what you get, the greatest value in life is what you become. The major question to ask on the job is not what I’m getting here. The major question to ask is what I’m becoming here. It’s not what you get what you make you valuable, It’s what you become that makes you valuable. Set the kind of goals that will make something of you to achieve them, So there you have the two components of positive self-direction.

  • Self-knowledge

knowing who you are and what you want to do with your life.

  • Self-preparation

Getting ready for the opportunities before they come your way and you need both aspects for positive self-direction figuring out who you are and what you want, and being prepared for the day you reach your goals.

Being ready being worthy of becoming the person you need to be in pursuit of what you want.

What could is an opportunity if you are not prepared to take advantage of it?

It no good won’t do anything for you be prepared now. There’s a what’s called the self-knowledge acid test quickly without thinking too much about it. Quickly list your three most important long-term work-related goals.

  • Is it a client you have been trying to sign for several months?
  • Is it a Major sale you have been trying to make?
  • Is it a promotion?
  • Is it a partnership in the firm.?

Quickly list your three most important long-term work-related goals and achievements, that you want to make achievements. That will take a while to get write them down again without thinking too much about it. Quickly list your three most important personal and spiritual goals. Things that will make a difference in your personal life.
is it going to church more often than holidays?

Grasping all you can from the Sunday Sermon. If it spending more quality time with your kids?
Is it turning the TV off during the dinner hour and talking about the important things in life with your family?
Is it making more dates with your spouse?
Is it planning a much-needed family vacation?
What is it?

  • What are the important goals in your personal and spiritual life, is one of them making a conscious effort to exercise more to eat better to lose some weight to get in shape.
  • what are the three most important personal and spiritual goals that you have?
    Write them down. Doesn’t matter what they are. Just write them down!!!! Now take some time to visualize what the achievement of these goals would look like.

What does your future hold for you? If you landed that big client. what does your future look like if you got that promotion? If you spend more time with your family, If you plant more outings with your spouse. what does your future look like really spend some time on this now it’s important stuff.
What does it all looked like.. ask yourself is this really my goal? Is this truly what I want? Is it a positive goal? Is it important enough for me to become? what it takes to reach this goal? Is it mine? is it worth it? if you are three goals on the carrier side and three goals on the personal side, don’t stand up to these questions you need to take some time to carefully read define a few things.

  1. Redefine your list
  2. Redefine where it is that these goals came from.
  3. Redefine what actually is important to you.
  4. Redefine how hard you will really work to get them.

Now there are two parts of this goal setting and redefining the process

There’s are two parts

  • Don’t set your goals too low
    An interesting thing that we teach in leadership don’t join and easy crowd you won’t grow to go where the expectations are high, go where the demands are high, go where the pressure is on to perform to grow to change to develop to read to study to develop skills now here’s are the second part on setting goals.
  • Don’t Compromise
    Don’t sell out there were some things I went for back in those early years, that I paid to a bigger price for.
    If I would know back then how much it was going to cost me, I never would have gone for them. But I didn’t know. No don’t sell out and ancient phrase says to count the cost count the cost if it won’t make you happy to get it. If you become less in your pursuit of getting it. If it’s not worth the life, you will lead after you get it, it’s not worth it.

Now let’s talk a little more about self-preparation.

  • It moves you toward your goal
    You have already got it in mind. You know where you want to go. you are getting ready for it. you are doing all the things you are supposed to do to and by getting ready to achieve your goals. You are moving closer to your goals, that’s how it works.
  • It refuels your ambition
    Your activity refuels your ambition. The things that you are doing today getting you ready for tomorrow. It’s exciting you know that you are getting closer every day and must be kept alive, be kept active, must continue to move forward, otherwise you are just daydreaming.
    You must keep active keep moving forward so you are ambition can fuel you motivate you to get you where you want to be.

This method of self-preparation involves three steps

  • Carefully consider where the next opportunity for reaching your goal will originate.
    Where will it come from networking with your colleagues? will it come from reading the last book that you bought?

The book that still sitting on yourself waiting to give you some answers.
Will it come from you taking the time to think it out? where will it come from the next opportunity that will push you forward, if you don’t know here’s what you have to do for each major goal of yours the top priorities on your list, for each of these take out a separate piece of paper one single sheet per major goal. Write down your goal at the top, and start listing all reasonable resources.
Write down every possible place that you could find the opportunity to achieve this goal and with each resource classify them ask yourself, if this resource is the sure thing a good bet about changes, unlikely a long shot.. ask yourself these questions. And classify all of the resources you have written down that’s the first step.

  • Make sure you know what you need to do to be prepared for your opportunities.
    Take your things.. first figure out what you need to do to be prepared when they happen to break down your preparation into concrete steps.
    Make sure that you know exactly what you have to do to take advantage of the opportunity. When it comes your way let’s say that one of the top priorities on your career list of goals is to get this new client.

Let’s take it one step further to say that on your resource list for this goal is to have a lunch meeting with a friend, who just happens to be the mentor of the client you are going after is this friend of yours. A sure bet on your resource list. Well let’s say he is.
I mean you know this guy is a tremendous Consulting source for the client you want, the client you won’t really listen to the opinions and advice of your friend so you are getting ready to have lunch with your friend what do you do.
You have got to make sure that you are up on all the knowledge and the industry data that will impress your friend, make him realise that he know someone who could benefit from your knowledge, and you are vitality and your spirit and your experience.
Impress him so much, that he goes back to his friend, the client you are after intense this prospective client of yours, that he needs to do business with you be prepared to go through your entire list of goals and resources and classify them break each resource into concrete steps of preparation. Start by working on the Sure bats first and then moved down the line. The long shots will come through every so often, but start with the resources that will serve you best now.

Get ready for the opportunities before that come your way.

  • Do all you can to make it opportunity more likely to happen

After you have determined what you have to do to get ready to be prepared. After you have determined this, see what you can to do expedite the process.

  • What can you do to increase the likelihood of this opportunity, to go over it and over it?
    Use these three methods again and again. As you assess where you are now and where you have to go next to keep moving forward the achievements that are most important to you.
    Step 1
    Consider your resources
    Step 2
    Determine what you have to do to get ready
    Step 3
    Expedite the opportunities

And by the way, this method of self-preparation works wherever you are in your journey. Whether you are close to your goals or whether you are just starting your journey of self Direction this method works.
Have working knowledge to draw from continually working on yourself in preparation of where you want to be, build a reservoir of thoughts and ideas and philosophies, and experiences that are your own. build grow, change, get ready be prepared for a life worth living now.

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