Putting an End to Suffering – The Spiritual Way

Is Life a Horror Movie ?

Why Existence is Suffering ? Why is Life a Living Hell ? Why is Life so full of suffering ? Why Existence is Pain ? How to deal with this World full of Suffering ?

Today I will write something more on this Tangled Subject, You must check my last Blog Post here on a similar Subject where I took an Spiritual Approach to deal with this situation.

Today I will take another Spiritual Approach to this Subject.

We see the World is full of Suffering and almost a living Hell, Why ? So that We can Rise above it and attain Perfection ! And Enter the Kingdom of God. We cannot recognize Righteousness without Evil, Can We ? Can We recognize Day without Night ? Can We recognize Joy without Sorrow ? Can We recognize Light without Darkness ? You must have noticed sometimes in your Life that We cannot recognize the importance of Good Health without getting Ill, Once We get ill Then We think like “Oh I will do this Once I get Healthy”, “If I were not Ill, I would visit this place”, So the Bad Part must come before We can understand the value of Good. We barely care about our Breathing despite the fact that It is the most valuable Principle of our Life. But once We get Cold, We feel the importance of Breathing and take all the prescriptions to get it Normal. We never cared about that earlier right ?

Similar is the case with Villains of this World, They are created so that We won’t become one of them. We are supposed to take the role of Hero and illumine the World with our Wisdom and help others rise along with us.

All these Polar-Opposites are given So that We can rise above them and attain a state of Purity and Divinity. We are not supposed to get frightened by them ! Do not get scared by them ! You are supposed to rise above them. That is the Purpose of Life, TO UNDERSTAND SUFFERING AND RISE ABOVE IT.

On Last Blog I talked about one incident where the Cousin Brother of Buddha, Devadatta, tried to kill him by intoxicating an Elephant through some Superconscious Spiritual Powers. Before proceeding further I will talk about another incident that I forgot to mention about on Last Blog. Devadatta the Cousin Brother of Buddha tried to kill him many times, But We only know about two such Stories. I already talked about the first one on my last blog. And the second one I will talk about that here.

So Devadatta was getting jealous of Buddha continuously as Buddha was getting recognition everywhere and Devadatta felt that He is left behind, He is Nobody. So Once Buddha was Meditating under a Tree and just above that Tree, there was a Hill and Devadatta along with some of his Followers pushed a Big Rock from that very Hill and there was a Huge Possibility that Buddha would have been Smushed. But before even reaching him, The Rock changed it’s Path and Buddha remained Unblemished. It was Buddha’s mere illumined Presence that even an Insentient Rock changed it’s Route.

So All Suffering of the World, All the Pain of World cannot harm a Buddha ! If We can Rise above all Evil of the World, We can also become a Buddha.

I told this Story of Buddha to indicate that We are supposed to overcome obstacles and become a Buddha, We are not to become a Villain like Devadatta. Fake Buddhas like Devadatta are created so that We can recognize a Real Buddha and be like Him. Life is supposed to overcome obstacles and attain Divinity, So that We can enter the Kingdom of God which is within us.

As once a Wise Person said – In a World Full of Darkness, Be the Light.

Wishing you the best in Life

Thank You.


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