15 Best Destinations to Travel in December 2020

Looking for a good destination to travel in December ? Special dates are approaching and you will surely not want to stay home. Fancy escaping the European winter cold? There are tons of perfect places to travel in December ! But spending Christmas in a swimsuit is also a very curious experience. In this post we tell you the 15 best destinations to travel in December 2020.

No matter what destination you choose to travel in December, it is very important that you have travel insurance to be calm. You will have medical assistance, the possibility of canceling the trip for justified reasons and coverage for unforeseen events , such as delays in transportation.


1. New York (United States) and its Christmas atmosphere

There are few places more special than New York to enjoy Christmas . Although it is an ideal destination throughout the year, the Big Apple looks splendid decorated with magical Christmas lights. There are also a lot of things to do in New York that you can only enjoy during those dates. For example, hallucinating at the Christmas tree at Rockefeller or skating on the ice rink at Bryant Park. In addition there are also a lot of beautiful Christmas markets throughout the city very well decorated.

Of course, you must bear in mind that despite being one of the best destinations to travel in December , it also has negative aspects . The main one, the cold . December is one of the coldest months of the year with average temperatures of 6ºC.

Also the days are short , the sun sets around 4:30 p.m. and there are quite a few crowds. Regarding prices, it is not the cheapest time to travel to New York, but it is the most special. Without a doubt, the most spectacular city to see in the United States.

New York (United States)
New York, one of the best City to travel in December 2020

2. Rovaniemi (Finland), the land of Santa Claus

December is synonymous with Christmas. And is there a better place than the land of Santa Claus? This city is located in the heart of Lapland, on the Arctic Circle . So you should not wait for Santa Claus to bring you the gifts, this time you can go find them and visit one of the most beautiful areas to see in Finland .

But Rovaniemi is much more than Santa Claus and his people (where they say he is originally). Let yourself be carried away by its beautiful snowy forests, go through them at full speed on a snowmobile and enjoy the opportunity to see the Northern Lights . During those dates you will have a lot of chances to see this curious phenomenon.

But like most places in Europe, Christmas is also synonymous with cold. Prepare a good coat and thermal clothing because you have to endure average temperatures of -11 ° C . However, it is one of the most interesting destinations to travel to in December.

Rovaniemi (Finland)
The Northern Lights, one of the most Spectacular Phenomenon

3. Krabi (Thailand) one of the best destinations to travel in December to enjoy the sun

December is quite a cold month in Europe. If you’re looking for a sun and beach vacation , there are few destinations better than Thailand’s Krabi Province. Although it is a very good month to visit the whole country, we advise you to enjoy this piece of paradise. You will be at an average of 30ºC resting on your lounger!

For us, in Krabi are the best beaches in Thailand . The famous Railay beach is the best known, but from Ao Nang, the main tourist center of the province, you can visit a lot of islands with deserted beaches . Among them, the Phi Phi islands, which were featured in the movie La Playa by Leonardo Di Caprio. For some reason it is an ideal destination for newlyweds! If you are interested, we tell you the 10 best beaches in Krabi.

It is also a fairly cheap destination to travel in December . You can sleep in good hotels for very little and above all, enjoy dream beaches. You can also take advantage of the trip to see some of the most spectacular places in Thailand.

Koh Poda, one of the best islands in Krabi
Koh Poda, one of the best islands in Krabi


4. New Zealand Tour Travel in December 2020

We have been lucky enough to visit a lot of countries but none of them have liked us as much as New Zealand. It is so complete and beautiful! December is an ideal month to discover its two islands (although it actually has three). It is the beginning of summer and you will have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in shorts and flip flops.

But you may not even feel like celebrating because there are so many spectacular places to see in New Zealand : from the beautiful New Zealand Alps with their glaciers and lakes to one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. The south island is beautiful!

Mount Cook, the highest mountain in Oceania
Enjoying Mount Cook, the highest mountain in Oceania!


5. Prague (Czech Republic) Tours & Travel in December 2020, always charming

Returning to Europe, we couldn’t leave Prague out of our recommendations for places to travel in December ! The Czech capital is one of the most magical cities we have ever stepped on. Strolling through its cobbled streets makes you feel inside the pages of a fairy tale.

The Old Town Square concentrates a lot of attractions and receives the classic Christmas market. Deciphering the astronomical clock, visiting the Prague Castle or crossing the Charles Bridge are classics to do in Prague throughout the year. But in December everything becomes more magical under the Christmas lights and decorations 😉

The only downside we see you when visiting Prague in December is the crowds . Nobody wants to miss out on this Christmas fantasy! We recommend booking your hotel in advance to get a good price.

Prague (Czech Republic)

If you have enough time, you can take the opportunity to visit other amazing places in the Czech Republic.


6. Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) Tours in December 2020 for (nature lovers)

The Argentine and Chilean Patagonia is a perfect destination to travel in December for nature lovers . There are hundreds of kilometers to hike surrounded by stunning landscapes: glaciers, emerald lakes, snowy peaks.

You cannot miss the Torres del Paine National Park, the famous Perito Moreno or the mountains that surround El Chaltén. Nature in its purest form! You can also step on Ushuaia, known for being the southernmost city in the world.

If you can, it is better to choose the first half of December . This way you will avoid school holidays. Therefore, the prices are lower and there are fewer people everywhere.

Mount Fitzroy
Mount Fitzroy, one of the most spectacular places to travel in December 2020


7. Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and its modernity

European Christmas markets are a great option for traveling in December . But … what if you are one of those who hates the cold? We have another solution for you! 😉 Dubai is a very popular destination for sunbathing in December.

It is the most famous city in the country, although there are other very interesting places to see in the United Arab Emirates . In reality, Dubai practically did not exist until a couple of decades ago, when they started building towering skyscrapers. You will have the opportunity to climb the viewpoint of the Burj Khalifa , the tallest building on the planet.

Beyond its luxurious buildings, you cannot leave Dubai without taking a trip to the desert. Walking barefoot on the dunes is a great feeling. You can also lie on the sand of its beaches and take a bath to cool off. One of the best areas to stay in Dubai at this time is on the Jumeirah beach itself. There are several hotels in which you will barely have to do two steps to stand on the beach.

Temperatures are around 25ºC, a real luxury while in Europe everyone is wearing gloves and a scarf! If you visit Dubai at the end of December, you can witness the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks show at the Burj Khalifa . Without a doubt, one of the most impressive destinations to travel to in December.

the tallest building on the planet
Dubai, a city of contrasts


8. Tallinn (Estonia) and its magical medieval old town

Did you know that Tallinn was the first city to put up a public Christmas tree on the town hall square in 1441? Several centuries have passed, but the Christmas tradition is still very much alive in the Estonian capital. Its Christmas market is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

There are stalls where they sell all kinds of things: from food and drink to handicrafts, through the typical Christmas decorations. They also set up an ice skating rink and there is a marzipan museum where you can create your own figurines.

Its atmosphere seems straight out of a story: houses with colorful facades and snowy roofs create a perfect winter scene. We tell you all the things you cannot miss in Tallinn . The medieval old town of Tallinn is a real gem, it is a pleasure to walk through its streets. In fact, it is considered a World Heritage Site. In addition, it is the perfect size to discover in a weekend, even in a day . So if you don’t know where to travel in December because you have few vacation days… put Tallinn on your list!

Tallinn, one of the most interesting destinations to travel in December 2020


9. Canary Islands (Spain)

If you are looking for a nearby place with good weather to travel in December , the Canary Islands are an excellent destination. The flight from the peninsula only lasts a couple of hours, long enough to forget about the winter cold. The Canaries have an enviable climate with warm temperatures all year round . To give you an idea, the thermometer is around 20º during the month of December.

It is a very complete destination with a lot of attractions for nature lovers : scandal beaches, volcanic landscapes that will make you travel to another planet and the famous Teide in Tenerife. Plus, you’ll have the luxury of enjoying all of this without the typical summer crowds .

We have visited Fuerteventura , Lanzarote , Gran Canaria and Tenerife . All of them are perfect destinations to travel with the family.

Weather in Fuerteventura in December 2020

In December there is the real pass to the Canarian winter (nothing to do with the winter in Europe), it is only a small cooling of temperatures and a slight increase in rainfall. During the day it is a good idea to always have a bathing suit and scarves, the beach can be lived mainly in the central hours and the sea begins to be really cold, leaving the less brave out of the ocean waters. However, the activities of Surfing, Kite and Windsurf, animated by the trade winds, are still intense, preparing to definitely enter as the protagonists of the days. The evening jacket and sometimes long pants!

The beautiful Playa de Papagayo, in Lanzarote
The beautiful Playa de Papagayo, in Lanzarote


10. Cologne (Germany) Tour & Travel in December 2020

Germany is one of the best destinations to travel in December . Basically because the Christmas markets are original from the Germanic country. And due to its long tradition, in Germany you can enjoy the best Christmas markets in Europe. So in December, markets can put the beauty of Cologne’s spectacular Gothic cathedral in the background .

Since the end of November the city begins to take on a very cool atmosphere. So if you have a few free days in December, we advise you to get lost in this city. There are plenty of things to do in Cologne : from enjoying the cathedral to taking a cruise on the Rhine.

The Hohenzollern bridge and the cathedral, Cologne icons
The Hohenzollern bridge and the cathedral, Cologne icons


11. Bruges (Belgium) and the Ice Sculpture Festival

If you don’t want to go too far and aren’t looking to take chances, Bruges is a perfect place to travel in December . It is one of the most charming cities to see in Belgium and Europe. Also, under the Christmas lights it looks even more special. Stroll along its canals and enjoy its beautiful architecture, especially in the Grote Markt, the main square of the city. She is so pretty! In addition you can easily discover Bruges a day . Although if you want to take it easier, we recommend staying in Bruges for at least one night.

In addition, in December the spectacular Bruges Ice Sculpture Festival is held . It is not as spectacular as the one in Harbin, but it is one of the best winter events in Europe. Everything there is built of ice. Not only the sculptures, but also the buildings. Is awesome.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a good Belgian hot chocolate!

Grote Markt, the main square of Bruges-compressed
Grote Markt, the main square of Bruges-Compressed


12. Cape Verde, a paradise near Spain where to travel in December

Cape Verde is another great beach destination for the last month of the year. This archipelago off the coast of Senegal is a perfect alternative to the Canary Islands . If you already know the Spanish islands and they have conquered you, surely Cape Verde also reaches your heart.

It has spectacular beaches with turquoise waters and white sand perfectly complemented by mountainous areas . There is also no shortage of coastal towns with a lively atmosphere. You will arrive for its beautiful landscapes and you will want to stay for its fascinating culture and hospitality. It falls quite close to Spain, but you will be able to get in touch with a totally different way of life. Without a doubt, Cape Verde is one of the best countries to travel in December .

Weather in Cape Verde in December

In the month of December, the maximum temperature is 27 ° C and the minimum temperature is 25 ° C (for an average temperature of 26 ° C). The weather is quite good in this city in the month of December. There is no rain during this month. You will not get wet during your trip!
With a perfect weather , December is a good month to go to Praia in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde, a paradise near Spain
Cape Verde, a paradise near Spain

13. Vienna and Tyrol (Austria), one of the most romantic destinations to travel in December 2020

Elegant . That is the adjective that best defines the Austrian capital. Vienna is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe and although December is quite a cold month, the city has its charm. No matter when you visit its imperial palaces and other attractions of Vienna , you will fall in love. But in December you can enjoy its Christmas markets and its historic illuminated streets.

Mainly, the Christkindlmarkt Market. It is assembled every year in mid-November and is one of the most spectacular in Europe. There you can try a lot of local products such as glühwein (mulled wine) or their cakes.

But don’t settle for just Vienna. Rent a car and get lost in the villages of Tyrol to experience Christmas in a different and peaceful way. And enjoy the snow!

Vienna (Austria)
Vienna (Austria)

14. Strasbourg (France) and the oldest Christmas market in Europe to travel in December 2020

When the cold comes and the Christmas lights come on, almost everyone thinks of Strasbourg. This city, located near the border between France and Germany , is home to the oldest Christmas market in Europe .

You will not be short of things to do in Strasbourg , a paradise for lovers of traditional wooden houses decorated for Christmas or local products such as mulled wine. It also has a beautiful Gothic cathedral in its picturesque old town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It looks like a place out of a story!

It is an ideal destination to travel in December , especially for the bridge. If you have more days, you can always make excursions to other towns such as Colmar , Heidelberg or Baden-Baden so that you have a very complete trip.

There are very cheap flights to Strasbourg from the main airports in Spain. So you will have no excuse!


15. Goa (India), another good destination to travel to in December if you are looking for a beach and nightlife

To end this post on the best destinations to travel in December, we did not want to forget Goa, one of the pearls of India. It seems to us a perfect place to have a first contact with India. Visiting the country is a pretty strong culture shock for most, but Goa is its most international part.

December is one of the best months to visit Goa . Despite being winter, it is just when the monsoons end and the rain has “cleaned” the environment. So it is the ideal time to relax on its beaches and enjoy its lively nightlife.

There are a lot of very interesting festivals and parties like Sunburn. Being high season it is convenient to book hotels in advance.

Goa Weather in December 2020

Does it rain a lot in Goa in December?

At that time of year you can expect 28mm of atmospheric precipitation throughout the month in Goa.

Brief description of weather conditions in Goa in December 2020

If you travel to Goa in December you can expect: every now and then rain, every now and then thunderstorm.
Beware of the heat wave! Throughout December you can expect the heat wave with tropic weather and average temperature above 33 ℃. Remember: heat can be dangerous.
Look at the UV index, which is equivalent to (9) in the month of December and take precautions: Use SPF 30+ sunscreen, a shirt, sunglasses, and a hat or cap. Don’t stay in the sun too long. Generally the December week is the warmest in first. Goa in December hot days happen. Normally the temperature hovers around 31 ℃ and there is a small wind current.

What time does the December sun set in Goa?

The sun sets between 6:02 PM and 6:14 PM in December in Goa.

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