Best Things to Do in Malibu

About Malibu, Los Angeles, California –

Malibu has four qualities that allow it to stay on the podium of the most desirable places in Los Angeles. Its warm climate , its sandy and kilometer-long beaches , an impeccable natural environment and numerous entertainment centers. All this has caused a lot of celebrities who have chosen this destination to live.

One of the most desired places in LA is Malibu. thanks to its beautiful beaches, its warm climate, the paradisiacal natural environment and the large number of entertainment centers to have fun with family or friends, not in vain many celebrities have chosen this place as your permanent home.

Malibu is a mixture of beaches and mountains, so the natural landscape is really beautiful, whether to spend a few very romantic days with your partner or to live a quiet vacation alone or with someone.

Its kilometers of beaches are the most visited destination by both locals and tourists, but it also offers a lot of fun for those who are looking for fun of all kinds, so we recommend you not to limit yourself to visiting the beaches once you get there.

What to visit in Malibu?

Malibu Beaches

This place is well known by tourists and surfers since its mythical beaches are the ideal setting to fully practice water sports such as surfing thanks to its impressive waves.

But these beaches are not only for surfers, they are also the right place to enjoy unique moments with the family as they have a large number of activities and recreational areas for all ages and tastes.

Fun Things To Do in Malibu, California

Zuma Beach – Beach in Malibu, California

This is the most popular and largest beach in Malibu thanks to its beautiful beaches, the quiet and clean environment and the wide variety of services for bathers: rental of water sports equipment, showers, bars, restaurants, shops, etc. .

It is the busiest in the area and there you can practice or watch the professionals while they practice sports like surfing and boogie boarders.

Surfrider Beach

This is the beach best known by surfers thanks to its kilometer-long waves, there you can see the best surfers in the world surrounding the waves and large mansions of famous people near its beaches.

Paradise Cove

This is the most romantic beach in Malibu, although it is private and you will have to pay to enter it will be worth it as the scenery is impressive.

Point Dume State Beach

It is located near Zuma Beach and is characterized by being quiet, for its crystal clear waters and a very beautiful rocky landscape, the entrance is difficult to access so it is not convenient to go with children.

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Matador Beach

Although the access to this beach is quite difficult and rocky, it is worth visiting since it is a beach with a virgin landscape. This is the right place to live a romantic afternoon as a couple or to take beautiful photos while bathing in its impressive blue waters.

Malibu Creek State Park

This natural park stretches from Malibu Lake to the Pacific Ocean and has three nature reserves Liberty Canyon, Udell Gorge and Kaslow Preserve in which famous films such as Tarzan have been filmed.

Malibu Lagoon State Park

This beautiful natural park has a lake where birds from all over the region gather to drink fresh water.

Malibu Natural Parks

The beautiful landscapes of the natural parks are ideal to be explored on foot by hiking their slopes while admiring the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands, Catalina Island or the canyons that create seasonal streams.

These parks full of wildflowers, lakes, waterfalls and caves are perfect for hiking or camping and get fresh air while you delight your eyes with the landscape and revive your lungs with fresh air.

Tourist Attractions

In addition to walking in the residential area, bathing on the beaches and visiting the parks, you can visit places for everyone to enjoy such as the Getty Villa , a free-entry museum where you can enjoy ancient Greek and Roman art.

You can also visit the Surf Museum where you can see more than 30 surfboards dating back to 1910 or one of the Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumber Yard shopping centers and admire the works of art by famous artists.

For lunch you can try one of the famous burgers at Malibu Seafood or visit the Malibu Farms café and restaurant located on the pier.

The Residential Area

This small town has a residential area with a picturesque atmosphere full of wooden houses that adds a touch of charm. Although it is one of the most expensive areas to live in LA, many people (including movie stars) have decided to settle there to enjoy a calmer life every day, good weather, beautiful beaches and a lot of leisure.

This place also has interesting places to visit such as La Casa Adamson , a property located next to the Malibu pier with Spanish Renaissance style and is considered a national heritage, inside you can find a large ceramic exhibition of the Malibu Potteries tile factory that owned by the owners.

Malibu Pier

The Malibu Pier has a festive atmosphere that combines good food and fun by the sea.

This pier is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a sunset or stroll through Malibu-branded gift shops that include everything from clothing to fishing to household items and more.

Near the pier you can taste the best fish and seafood dishes in any of the nearby restaurants or you can go on sport fishing excursions and whale watching.

This historic landmark of the southern California coast after its restoration has grown in popularity and every day more activities are organized for the enjoyment of all.

Los Angeles is a city with a lot of cultural and multifaceted diversity where you will not lack places to have fun, without a doubt Malibu is an essential on your list if you go to this city, whether you like the beach, the mountainous environment or are looking for a few days of tranquility and fun.

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